Thank you and your team for the excellent way in which you have laid out the first three courses (and the two presently under way). They have been interesting, informative, challenging and valuable to me in the many things I've learned that will help to make genealogy worth the time and effort. I can only imagine the time, effort, dedication and imagination that you have put into this programme.
 -JN, Kitchener, ON
I am very excited about being a part of this genealogy program. I am receiving professional advice in a very courteous manner; I am upgrading my skills, and I can share my joys and frustrations of my personal research with a sympathetic professor and with my classmates all through this surprisingly easy electronic medium. Though I can learn through the flexibility and privacy in my own home I truly feel part of a larger class environment through the constant interaction via e-mail. I have registered for the full program and I look forward to learning and completing all the courses required for a certificate. Best regards.
 -RH, London, ON
I have been enjoying being part of this genealogical community and wish you all the best during the holidays. But, especially, I wish to send you a big THANK YOU!!! -- for being such a critical part of history-in-the-making: genealogical studies on the Internet!
 -ATN, Gravenhurst, ON
I am very excited about the course and wish you and your staff the very best. What a wonderful gift you have given genealogy!! My sincere Thanks. Well done - well done!!! What a giant step forward for Canadian Genealogy! Thank you, thank you. This is so exciting and I can hardly wait…
 -SW, Victoria, BC
Congratulations on a great achievement for the genealogical and historical community.
 -SB, Toronto, ON
Following the guide lines of the course enables a person to search their history step by step. What information to look for regarding documents, relatives, various other bits of references and to evaluate them in chronological order, a record of information'. The use of the web board is of great advantage enabling students share their progress.
 -DL, Duncan, BC
I have enjoyed the convenience and the content of the course.
 -SF, Toronto, ON
I'm so excited, I feel like I am in kindergarten for sure.
 -NM, Newmarket, ON
This is a lot of fun for me, because I have not had to do studying or exams for many years, so it is a new learning experience. This is a great course, and the material is fabulous. Thanks.
 -JL, Oshawa, ON
This program is great; I'm really enjoying following these courses in my Pjs while drinking cappuccino!
It has been awhile since I have taken courses but I am finding the method of delivery very interesting. Because I work some nights, and with meetings on other nights in the month, I am finding that I can fit in the course work whenever I can find a free moment. The challenge will be when the courses overlap. I will need to be more organized during that time. So far I am finding the course helpful and I am enjoying reading the other postings from the other students.
 -JI, Owen Sound, ON
Enjoying the course !!!! Probably said that enough times already eh? Thank you for the explicit instructions on downloading the Adobe Reader. Sure makes things a whole lot easier at this end. I can even print off my course material now !! I know that's why it was done. Learning new things all the time...... Boy am I in need of the Methodology 2 course....and that's my initial reaction after just skimming the pages. Wait till I get into the nitty gritty of actually reading it!!
 -CM, Minden, ON
I really like the new site and being able to print out the course material from the pdf file. Thanks for your prompt attention.
 -RS, Maple Ridge, NB
I am completing these courses for my own information and not for a certificate. Will continue to do the assignments as they are such a good review of the course material.
 -JF, Vancouver, BC
Thanks very much and my thanks, too, for the course material in general. Very informative for a beginner such as I and encouraging too!
 -SW, Calgary, AB
I'm really enjoying the courses so far - especially when there are 2 running at once and I can complain to my children about the amount of "homework" I have to do each week!!!
 -JS, Terra Cotta, ON
I have been enjoying these courses and have found them quite helpful in guiding my research
 -RW, Uxbridge, ON
I appreciate the tremendous amount of information you supplied us with in the Vital Statistics Course, it will be a great help in locating my ancestors across Canada.
 -GJ, Brampton, ON
I'm looking forward to the next course! I'm finding this is helping me to see the gaps in what I've done so far and to give me a more organized framework in which to conduct my research.
 -SP, Austin, TX
(From a man in a wheel chair using specialized equipment with a puffer.) Thank you for the kind words. Louise, to date I have had no problems with my electronic devices. The software I use to operate my computer is called "WiVik". WiVik places a KEYBOARD on my monitor. Louise, I love your course and may I wish you and yours a wonderful and prosperous week end. As for me you know what it is that I'll be doing..........Genealogy, genealogy, genealogy. I just can not do anything else.
 -PB, Lynden, ON
I really enjoyed the depth of the vital stats and the exam at the end.
 -BW, Edmonton, AB
(Following a student field trip.) Thank you! The trip to the Archives of Ontario was a great experience. Sharon Murphy was great! Looking forward to the next field trip. Once again, thank you very much!
 -BC, Etobicoke, ON
Just a note to thank you and Sharon Murphy for organizing the trip on Saturday. It was good to meet some of the other course members, and to have a guided tour of the Archives. I will feel a lot more confident now that I have had this introduction. A lot of work for both of you, but very much appreciated.
 -LM, Burlington, ON
(Regarding the exam.) The idea of multi-answer questions is good. Really had to put my thinking cap on - felt like I was playing "Who wants to be a millionaire", asking myself "Is that your final answer?"
 -CM, Minden, ON
I have all the marks except for Vital Stats - which I await with bated breath!! Looking forward to the start of Wills.
 -TG, Edmonton, AB
Let's toast our success! It worked. Thank you so much. I can now get into my briefcase and the notes for the courses etc. Thanks for the informative course! On to the next!
 -RG, Huntsville
Love the course, I have picked up so many useful tips already, mostly on organizing material.
 -DM, Toronto, ON
It's been enjoyable - and you've done a wonderful job with the Presentation!
 -DCP, Newmarket, On
Wow! I truly feel out of my element. I do not belong to any association, etc. whatsoever. All my research has been done with what I have on hand, by family or what I have found on the Internet. Needless to say, this course is definitely educating me.
 -BC, Etobicoke, ON
I want to thank you for all of the help you have given as I became "climatized" to this new venue - web-board, etc. Being involved with the courses has been very exciting.
 -DW, Amherstburg, ON
This is a very complete and comprehensive course and I would like to compliment the author of it. Terrific work!!!!
 -RO, Grimsby, ON
I see the next course I am scheduled to take is census records. And do I ever need to learn about these! The courses have been very useful to me so far.
 -CW, Victoria, BC
Just to let you know we did get into the chat room and had an enjoyable visit with those who were still there.
 -ML, Las Vegas, NV
I'm finding this course very rewarding.
 -DL, Duncan, BC
Thank you for your time. I can't say how excited I am to be embarking on this journey as the subject of genealogy and history fascinates me!! Thanks again.
 -JP, Acton, ON
Thank you for the course Louise! I wanted to share my appreciation of the transparent clarity of the writing in the course notes -- the language is delightfully clear. Thanks much: I have enjoyed this course.
 -ATN, Gravenhurst, ON
Thanks, I am really enjoying the course, especially Part 2, particularly the organizing strategies.
 -PM, Nepean, ON
Your basic course comes highly recommended Thank you.
 -Joyce Stevens
Louise, Thanks to you and your staff for the very prompt answers to my queries. I appreciate the course(s) format and readability; and also the fact of being internet and mail-in based, since a computer is not always available to me.I look forward to the balance of the courses, leading to a certificate. Many thanks again. G.L. Lytton,B.C.
 -Gwendy Lamont, Lytton, B.C.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses received over the is just such a great way to experience learning again after many years!! As you can tell, I am a senior, and really am enjoying the process of using my computor..... as well as taking these wonderful courses. Thank you Louise!!
 -Clara Johnson, Wasaga Beach, Ontario
I thoroughly enjoyed my first course and am looking forward to continuing. Thanks to Louise for her patience in answering all my dumb questions. Hoping to make another trip to the archives with Sharon Murphy as well.
 -vr, toronto
I have been enjoying the courses and learning a great deal. Here are a couple of ideas for more of the continuous improvement that seems to be occurring with the courses. Most of the exams I have done so far have had a couple of ambiguously worded questions that require the student to guess what the exam writer meant. Perhaps an expert on multiple choice test construction could review the exams to help refine them. Is it feasible to add a search function to the site? I read one student assignment that mentioned a name of interest to me but lost track of it in 30 or so pages of assignments. Search capacity could be helpful in various ways.
 -Marilyn Astle, Fujairah, Fujairah
For the second part of my assignment for Week 5 of Religious Records-Part 1, I was going to post two website addresses to FAVOURITE RELIGIOUS RECORDS WEBSITE, as suggested on page 98 of the course notes. (I don't have ny mailing lists, newsgroups, bulleting boards, or abbreviations or terminology unfortunately to share). Unfortunately I cannot find this on GSWebBoard. The websites are: and for Prince Edward Island, and the Newfoundland Grand Banks site at I'm supposed to add comments to these, etc.. Can anyone tell me where to go?
 -Sally Lomas, Penetanguishene, Ontario
I am in my third and final year of the courses and have enjoyed every moment. I feel that I have learned so much. With some of my subjects overlapping it has become a little more challenging. I am working my way through Elizabeth Shown Mills 'Professional Genealogy' and it is exceptional, as good as reading an interesting novel. Now if I can only find a place to get her Evidence and Analysis, I'll be all set. A special thank you to Louise for all the encouragement and help, it's been great. Marie F. Walpole
 -Marie Walpole, Fort Erie, Ontario
I have just finished the Canadian Land Records Part 1 course. I have learned so much and enjoyed the process very much. I would have liked to have been quizzed on the material each week though instead of the essay type questions. I can't wait for Part 2 to begin.
 -Barbara Murphy, Hauppauge, New York
As a new amateur family genealogist I discovered the National Institute for Genealogical Studies while searching the Internet. Although I was not one of the first group of students I was not far behind. I will have completed the required 40 course in another two months but, have decided to take more courses to expand my knowledge. This entire concept is so convienent and easy to follow. Anyone interested in Genealogy could not help but find the courses challenging, interesting and fun. I have seen may changes since starting my courses in the year 2000, as the National Institute expanded and improve their offerings. Canada will finally be able to rival the USA with its own Genealogical Institute. Thanks to all those at the National Institute especially Louise J St. Denis, managing director.
 -Paul Caverly, Brampton, On. Can.
Just thought that I would send a quick note to say thanks and I love the new format of the course listings and grades. It is great to be able to see everything on one page and it let's me see much better my course plan. Again a great big thank you to the web page designer.
 -Ellen Howard, Hamilton, Ontario
I have just taken my first course exam; after some initial apprehension about taking an exam online, it was very organized and easy to do. Thank you, faculty, for making the first exam palatable for "newbies." On another note, if anyone is delving into French-Canadian family history, I would be happy to do look-ups for anyone in Jette, Tanguay, parish repertoires of Rouville County, Iberville County, Stanstead Couny, Missisquoi County, Berthier County, Ile d'Orleans, Beauport.
 -Paula Southard, Jefferson, New Hampshire
These courses were a wonderful find! I've only participated in the chats a little, but got a BIG lead from Penelope. I had never heard of Home Children before she mentioned it, and I now have 7 new names. Anxiously awaiting the marks for my first two courses.
 -Nanci Pattenden, Janetville, ON
I have just completed the requirements for the basic certificate in Canadian Studies. I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses and definitely plan to continue in the fall. I am also looking forward to the Research Institute in Salt Lake City having followed the one at the National Archives here at home. I learned so much and I want to thank all the members of the faculty and expecially Louise for having made this such a great experience. Thanks again to everyone!
 -Marilyn Adair, Nepean, Ontario
I would like to say a big thank you to the staff for the opportunity to take this wonderful course. I could have used it when I began researching years ago..but better late than never. It is laid out so clearly and the quick responses from Louise when a hurdle comes up is amazing. Thanks, Louise! The organizational areas have been most beneficial to me . The resources shared with coursemates from all over is a wonderful way of feeling connected when you are alone at the computer. I have found so many other resources I was not aware existed. Good luck to all!
 -Dolores Fineberg, Montreal, Quebec
hi there. just to say that the courses are fun and a learning experience. As we learn, we are placing back the spirit of our ancestors. MEgwitch to Louise and everyone for all the support and care that you give to us, students. Without you, we would not be here.
 -Leona Mason, Cowichan Bay, British Columbia
I can't enough on how much I enjoy the structured environment. I have taken courses before but nothing like this. I will be with you for quite a while since I am going for my Certificate. Thank You!
 -BJB, St. Louis, MO
TO Brenda Dougall Merriman: Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond to my concerns regarding the Canadian Land Records Part 2 Exam. I appreciate how thorough you are in your study of the course material and exam. We as students are reassured by your meticulous attention to details and immediate response to problems. Brenda, you have undertaken a tremendous task in revising the Canadian Studies Courses. The hours and dedication involved are exemplary. We are fortunate to benefit from your vast knowledge and experience as a researcher, writer, and professional genealogist. Thank you again Brenda.
 -Barbara La Flamme, Stratford, Ontario
My thanks and appreciation go to everyone who helped me through the big learning curve in genealogy. I have learnt so much and the tutors were there, every step of the way. The documentation was easily followed and understood. Special thanks to Louise whose patience must be unending, where this student is concerned.
 -Marie Fogl, Richmond, British Columbia
Louise: A big 'thank you' again for the graduation ceremony on May 26. And thanks also to Terry and to all the instructors, especially Penelope Christensen, Ryan Taylor, Kenneth Aitken, Brenda Dougall Merriman and Sharon Murphy for their various roles in the English, Research Academy, Methodology and Analysis and Skills mentoring programs. As someone who has a degree from the University of Toronto (1972), I can tell you that doing well in this certificate program requires the student to do every bit as much work as an undergraduate in his or her major subject. You and your colleagues should be commended for your vision in conceiving this learning program and your follow-through in making it happen.
 -Paul Jones, Toronto, Ontario
Through your guidance and patience, I have learnt a great deal in genealogical research, and enjoyed my studies with the Institute.
 -Marie Fogl, Richmond, British Columbia
I want to say how much I appreciate the kind attention I have always received when contacting you. Keep up the good work.
 -JC, Vancouver, BC
This last month I have found two sets of living relatives--using information I have learned. Please know I really enjoy the courses and studying. I seem to be using practical information successfully. Just wanted you to know I am very very interested in going on. Thank you for your wonderful courses.
 -MK, Cover, Oregon
I did it! I'm done with the last class! I saved the Analysis & Skills Mentoring 3 until last because I was so scared of it, but it's over. And with a good grade! And I actually enjoyed talking with my mentor, Ken Aitken. It was great fun, really. But it's over, and I will not come whining to you again! Unless there is another class that I want to take, that is. I cannot thank you enough for all your support, listening to my whining and all. I have had a ball these past few years. Wonder what I can do now.....nothing. I need a break. Again, thanks.
 -Paula Naujalis, Grand Rapids, Michigan
I feel the class on genealogy librarianship was well done, but needed some punch up in the network department. Some of the sights thus far are hard to access. The practical parts are excellent and do teach the basics and this gives the foundation for future expansion. I have in all fairness taken only onbe part of the course. The faculty have been excellent and the classes a good overview for me as an instructor of genealogy classes and a writer. MF
 -Mary Fishback, Leesburg, Virginia
Even when I thought I was an experienced Genealogist; the mandate of these courses have given me so much more to review and enhance my creditability. Thanks so much for this Louise!
 -Barbaranne Wright, St. Catharines, Ontario
The Genealogy and Librarianship Programs continue to be very useful for my family research and my volunteer work. As the Assistant Volunteer Curator at the Military Communications & Electronics Museum Kingston, I have combined my previous military skills, knowledge and your programs. This unique package has given me the ability to provide input on many topics; tours, lectures, updating historical notes, sales, education programs, IT, future developments and much more. As a recent volunteer with St. John Ambulance, I found the Developing Cooperative Ventures material useful for strategy planning within a community. The courses provided by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, has made me confident and at the same time, refined some of my old skills. I have completed thirty-six courses, two on the go with two remaining.
 -Gary Hayes, Kingston, Ontario
I really wanted to let you know that I have just had my consultation with Sharon Murphy. What a wonderful person she is. I wish I could have chatted with her for another hour or two. She answered all of my abstracting questions in a very professional manner, but was pleasant and cheerful. She has probably answered those same questions often, but she still seemed interested in what I was asking. This was my first experience with her. We students are fortunate to have her affiliated with the National Institute.
 -Roberta Palen, Eveleth, Minnesota
I've been taking these courses for more than two years now. Sometimes the rhythm of my life interferes with the rate of progress I'd like to make. But if I need to ask for a time extension, I know I'll get it. That's just one reason(of many)that I love you guys at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies!
 -Leslie Hunt, Plymouth, MA
The Canadian Immigration Records course was an excellent course. I enjoyed every week's assignments. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I would rate it as one of the electives which those of us working on the United States certificate should take. We can learn much by a comparison of the similarities and differences in immigration between our two countries. This has been a wonderful experience.
 -Roberta Palen, Eveleth, Minnesota
I am so excited about the new skills that I have learned from the very few courses that I have taken so far. The saying 'I don't know what I don't know' is so appropriate in this case. There were some areas where I really felt that I had a decent genealogical knowledge base only to discover that there were several things that I had not even considered! Great program. Enjoying it very much.
 -Gretchen L., London, Ontario
I have just received my certificates for completion of the intermediate coursework and decided to let you know how valuable these courses are for me. I am constantly challenged by the assignments and feel a great sense of satisfaction when I complete a level. The instructors are top notch. I have worked with both Beverly Rice and Sharon Murphy and I cannot say enough good things about both of them. Louise, as I continue to pursue my Certificate in American Records, I look forward to expanding my knowledge and stretching my limits in genealogy through your programs.
 -Eileen Souza, Eldersburg, Maryland
I just wanted you to know that this was truly one of the very best courses I have taken (Researching your American Ancestors using I felt like it walked me step by step through the methodologies I could use to search not only but also any site or archive in general. I really learned a lot from that class and felt that everything I had learned so far in the other courses I had taken just began to "click". I gained a better understanding of what was taught in the other courses. I think it was the hands on approach that was used in that course that helped. I have enjoyed all the courses I have taken so far and would recommend this certificate program to anyone interested in learning about family history or honing their genealogy skills. Thank you again,
 -Lynn Funk, Taylorsville, Utah
Thank you for these courses. I am really learning so much more than I thought I would, and I have really just begun. Great fun! Seriously.
 -MBZ, Ormaond Beach, Florida
Thank you again for your understanding and help with my situation. This concern for your students is one reason I am so happy I am enrolled in your program. I am praising the National Institute for Genealogical Studies to everyone I meet!
 -MY, Concord, California
Congratulations! I would like to take the German Research Course and hope to very soon!
 -Lisa Gorrell, Martinez, California
I have completed 6 courses, so far, with another 2 starting in the new year. I certainly wish I had started these courses 15 years ago before I jumped feet-first into the research pool. For now, I’m taking courses for interest but may commit to a certificate if/when I have more time and the (ancestral) spirit moves me!
 -JB, Waterloo, Ontario
My congratulations to you and your team for giving us 15 years of excellent courses and support. I love being able to take the courses on line and at my own pace. I wish you all the best for many more years of success.
 -K. Westlake, Bradford, Ontario
I have throughly enjoyed every course that I have taken and found at times, most challenging. Without these course, I would not have been able to complete some of my research. I was also very pleased to meet Louise St Denis, The Director at the recent Who Do You Think You Are exhibition in London.
 -Martyn Coblenz, Brighton, East Sussex
I'm looking forward to studying with you in the future.
 -Peg, Sacramento
I've been in research for many years. Can't wait to learn how to apply these skills more effectively in the field of genealogy.
 -Carrie Sandstrom, Airdrie, Alberta
Just finished my first course and really enjoyed it! Can't wait to take more courses.
 -Kathy Finlayson, Winnipeg
I am working on my 5th course now in the Basic American Records Series. The classes are more intensive than expected but that's all for the good. Even as a somewhat experience genealogist, I am learning and now face the daunting task of going back over my work in a more productive fashion.
 -Pamela J. Robinson, Bridgewater, New Jersey
I have been taking courses in several certificates for many years. I enjoy the information I have received. I have advanced my own research so much and I am hoping to actually use my knowledge to help others in the future and maybe even making it a career.
 -Jody Bennett, Edmonton, Alberta
I am looking forward to the course on "German: Reading the Records"... The course outline looks promising, and I'm sure the knowledge gained beyond that which I currently possess will enhance German and Swiss research regarding variant spellings of my anglicized surname Ruple ( originally spelled Roppel in Switzerland) according to Swiss church records.
 -Jack Ruple, Conway, AR, USA
I have found these courses to be interesting and challenging. Each course has opened up a new perspective on genealogy for me!
 -Linda Christensen, Preston, Connecticut
A few years ago I had reached a point in my family research where I felt I had found all I could at that time about each of my family lines. I decided to begin taking a few courses to either help me or provide me with more knowledge to help others. Now, I will graduate this May from the Canadian Studies program. Thank you so much to those who prepared the courses and provided feedback. A special thanks to Louise St Denis whose company makes these courses available and to Susanna de Groot for answering all my questions along the way. This has been a wonderful experience. So wonderful that I plan to come back for more.
 -Shirley Sturdevant, Chatham, ON, Canada
I have found the methodology courses very helpful in my research and organizing of my family history. I would highly recommend them, not just to some one starting out, but also to those well into their research.
 -M Duncan, Richmond Hill, Ontario
First time taking one of your courses. Very impressed. Learned more than I thought I would. Definitely taking more.
 -Lori, Corinth, TX
After having attended some online seminar sessions in September, I am very excited for this new adventure! The website I a amazing and the classes being taught are not only great for someone who is just beginning, but for someone who has years of experience under their belt. We can always increase our knowledge and learn newer, better and great ways to do things!
 -KS, Cypress, California
I've truly enjoyed the courses I've taken to date. I'm looking forward to the insights and information I'll be able to gain from my next course.
 -Melvyn DSouza, Toronto, Ontario
I really enjoyed Google for the Wise Genealogist. I learned how to make a family website and blog!
 -Kimberly Weed, Castle Rock, Colorado
Taking courses through the Institute has been not only enjoyable, but also a learning experience. The support and guidance provided by instructors and staff has been invaluable. Thank you everyone!!
 -Cathryn Silva, Cardiff, Ontario
Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary. I can't wait to start my next course.
 -Marguerite Edgerton, Alberta
Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary! Your longevity is no surprise. I just started the cycle for being a certified genealogical librarian and I have been very impressed with the scope of the course offerings. I'm looking forward to all the courses to come. Keep up the good work!
 -Barbara Selletti, Linwood, Pennsylvania
Congratulations to all at NGIS on achieving a magnificent milestone - 15 years of Online Genealogy Education. My personal thanks go to Louise and the team for their constant support as I pursue my genealogical goals.
 -Angela Howden, Canterbury, Victoria, Australia
I first heard about your classes at a local conference. I am looking forward to my classes and what I will be learning. Thank you for the opportunity.
 -Tina Christensen, Pocatello
I have been taking courses since 2011, and I plan to continue taking courses for a long time. Once I finish the Advanced American records module, I plan to enroll in many of the courses regarding English records. I find the website easy to navigate, and I love that I have control over when I do the coursework. Going on vacation is no problem, because you can work ahead.
 -Karin Hadden, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary! I've enjoyed the classes I've taken so far and I look forward to continuing my genealogy education.
 -Patricia Taylor, Rock Falls, Illinois
I am looking forward to the next 12 months. Congratulations on 15 years of high quality education!
 -Sharon Fritz, Wangaratta, Victoria
I have certificates in American Records and Irish Records, but still like to stay informed. I have been waiting on three courses: Organizing a One-Place Study, Research: Corporate, Business, and Research: House & Farm Histories. Although I'm currently working on a One-Place Study, and have done house histories, I feel I can always learn more. Can't wait to take these courses.
 -Sandy Fackler, Washington Court House, Ohio
Just started my family research and the things I found astounded me. Looking forward to learning more here with your courses!
 -Maria, Lethbridge
Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs Research Reports and so much more...and the Skill Building: Nuts & Bolts of Reporting Research are courses I am anxious to start. All classes I have completed with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies have been excellent!
 -Linda L. Osterdock, Columbia, Illinois
The courses and material are fabulous! It's hard to decide which courses to take!
 -Kathryn , Ontario
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of my courses thus far. The variety offered is very impressive. I’ve had the pleasure of learning how to research records for German ancestors, Loyalists, Acadians, Canadians, Colonial New Englanders and ancestors from several other categories, all while developing sound research techniques and methodologies. I look forward to my next 20 courses!
 -Dan Sauvé, Ottawa
These courses are truly wonderful. They offer you practical exercises and best practices that make a researcher's life so much easier. I am very grateful for everything the National Institute for Genealogical Studies has taught me thus far and I can't wait to start my next series of courses. Thank you!
 -Leisa Bell, Balderson, Ontario
I am just having great fun with my courses. I wanted to start more or less from scratch after 30 years, and learn genealogy from the ground up in organized fashion; and I'm very glad I joined up, because I'm learning much more new stuff than I thought I would. Thanks.
 -Frances Dumas, Penn Yan, New York
I have started on my Canadian courses and had to write to tell you how much I am loving them. I have been researching for about 10 years and can get around in census records pretty well, but I have learned so much about the records themselves by taking this course. The material is fabulous! To put it quite simply, the land records courses blew me out of the water. I am not very familiar with land records from the east and I am learning so much valuable information. I am so glad I decided to go the Canadian route in addition to the English records courses. Anyway, I’m thrilled with all that I am learning and wanted to let you know.
 -Tammy Lough, Sherwood Park, Alberta
I just completed the new Research: Social History class and I am thrilled with the information I obtained from the class.
 -Charlene Lovegrove, Vernon, New Jersey
I've signed up for the full 40 course credentials in English Records. I plan to add on Irish, Scottish, and Swedish. I'm on my 2nd course in Methodology and just started Genetic DNA. I'm eating this up and just loving it! Looking forward to my full credentials and already excited about what I'm learning.
 -Angela Breidenbach, Missoula, Montana
Yayy!!!!!! I am so happy. This was such a great experience. You never know if a company or institution has good customer service, unless something goes wrong. Even though my issue was my fault and I missed seeing there was an exam, you listened to my concerns, got back to me very quickly, and provided a solution. It really bolsters my confidence with the program. This is my first experience with online classes, and I have been a bit nervous about getting things right. Knowing that there are live people reading our emails, and addressing our concerns as students makes me very confident that I chose the right way to achieving my dreams of becoming a professional board certified Genealogist. Thank you so much!
 -Heather, Redondo Beach, California